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Friendly Black Hotties is an online social club that empowers Black women to organize and build in Web 3.0 and crypto. Our mission is to grow a network of Black women thought-leaders across Web 3.0.

The Friendly Black Hotties are available on the Solana blockchain. Minting for the Friendly Black Hotties has ended. You can purchase verified Friendly Black Hotties on Solana NFT marketplace, Magic Eden.


You can totally sit with us.

Membership Benefits

Purchasing a Friendly Black Hottie NFT (non-fungible token) gives you access to many benefits.

Private Discord chat

Direct access to our community of Black women building and investing in Web 3.0

Curated resources

Educational resources for members, including a daily newsletter, bookmarks, and article and book summaries

Virtual learning and events

Networking, education, and community events focused on empowering Black women in Web 3.0 to build and connect


Crypto rewards for your active participation in the community in the form of bounties

Frequently Asked Questions

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